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Typically, chemical grade limestone is put to use in four iron making processes: Blast Furnace – Chemical grade limestone is utilized to produce the slag which removes impurities from the iron ore reduction process to make the liquid pig iron.
Limestone will react with the temperature in the blast furnace as it continues down the furnace to react with sulfur from the iron and produce a slag with the silica formed from the iron ore. The first reaction involved is as follows: CaCO3 = CaO + CO2.

The CaO is used to remove the sulfur and react with the silica to produce a fluid slag at the bottom of the furnace.​


In addition to the specific use of our lime and limestone products, Enervation DMCC is continuing to supply an as-per-request blends of these products. Our goal is to provide a solution that will support our customers to score a success in a highly competitive market.

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