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With our experienced team we are able to source an array of Quick Lime to our client. The range of products we offer are safe and environmentally friendly. CaO is the chemical formula of quick lime, which is also called as calcined lime, burnt lime and un-slaked lime. These are white and in lumps and powder in form with CaO contents varying from 90% to 80% and it reacts with water and heat is generated.

We are pleased to offer different specifications as below :

  • (10 - 50 mm) Mainly Metal, Iron and Steel Industry.

  • (3 - 15 mm) Several applications including Steel as well as Chemical industry.

  • (0 - 3 mm) Several applications including Steel treatment, Chemical industry , as well as Food industry (mainly sugar).

  • (0 - 90 Microns) Several applications including: Mining, Gold purification, Food industry, Fiber Glass, Poultry Sterilization, Water treatment, and many others in the Chemical industry.

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